We install the # 1 name in Home Standby Power

Most people don’t realize until they lose power how much damage can be done to their property and home. By installing a generator system you can protect your love ones and personal belongings from fire, water damage, and frozen pipes.

Top Causes for power outage:

  • 10% Snow / Ice Storms
  • 7% Hurricane
  • 7% Equipment Failures
  • 5% Other
  • 5% Unknown
  • 4% High Winds
  • *62% Strong Storms

Mobile Link

Generac offers a remote cellular monitoring system from Generac that lets you check on you standby generators status. You can receive timely notification on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Installs in less than 15 min and is very affordable.

Generator Sizing

Sizing is based upon your needs. By sizing your generator according to your needs instead of your home's square footage, you won't overspend or be surprised by inadequate coverage.

There are three levels to sizing your home:

  • Essential Circuit Coverage
  • Managed Whole - House Coverage
  • Complete Whole - House Coverage