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New homes today are substantially tighter than years ago. Even existing and older homes have become more airtight and more fuel efficient through installation of new weatherized windows, increased insulation, infiltration barriers, caulking and weather stripping. As a result the air we breathe is not as pure and fresh as it once was. What’s missing is the air exchange that used to carry away many indoor pollutants such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, cool-weather moisture, outgases from building materials and cleaning compounds. Even though we do not know everything about indoor pollutants we do know that ventilation and air exchange allows for a healthier environment.

Renewaire is a quality product that removes and exchanges indoor air and actually reclaims the heat and humidity from the air to maintain energy efficiency. This exchange is achieved through a stainless steel exchanger and can be added to any home or HVAC system. Many sick home syndrome problems have been corrected with this process.

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Cleaning The Entire Living Space

Additional system add-on devices such as high quality air filtration and humidity control systems can help elevate the health levels in a home. American Standard AccuClean is a perfect example with a 99.98% removal rate of particulate, making for a cleaner environment. Most homes generate in excess of 40 lbs of dust per year. This certainly supports the need for air filtration.

Humidity is another common cause for discomfort in the winter months. Low relative humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes, chapped lips. Adding humidity can lessen these drying affects and actually allow you to feel more comfortable at lower temperatures and your home will be subject to less wall and ceiling cracks and floor separation which should reduce cold causing viruses and allergy triggers.

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