Available Rebates & Credits

There have been numerous federal and Massachusetts state rebate and credit programs in addition to manufacturers’ rebate offerings that could reduce your costs for new heating equipment. Here are some current programs with links to the appropriate forms that will help you learn if you qualify and how to apply for the rebates/credits. Visit Mass Save for more information!

Residential mini-split heat pump rebate

Cost savings and rebate programs specifically designed for a new residential mini-split.

Residential oil/propane heating & water heating

Rebate programs to save money on your oil & propane heating

Residential central air conditioning & central heat pump

Rebate program for new central air and heat pump cooling systems

Residential heat pump water heater

2022 rebate program for a residential heat pump water heater system for improved efficiency.

Thermostat rebate form

$25 programmable thermostat rebate form & $100 ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat rebates.

Residential natural gas heating & water heating equipment

Rebates for your homes natural gas and water heaters.

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Available Rebates

Rebates are available through Mass Save. You can qualify for savings through energy efficiency.Learn More

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